Andrea Sparrow is a Sports Dietitian (APD, SDA), Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Anthropometrist (ISAK).


Andrea brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion from 6 years of private practice, 8.5 years of workplace health promotion, and 26 years of competitive track sprinting to Sustenance Sport and Health. She is particularly excited to be developing her practice in sports nutrition and is passionate about working with athletes to achieve performance goals.

Early in her career, Andrea worked in the fitness industry involving herself in business development and personal training with a prescriptive and corrective exercise focus.

At 23 years of age Andrea founded a private practice that provided clients with an integrated professional health service, combining Dietetics and Exercise Physiology practice under one roof. During this time Andrea developed an interest in workplace health promotion.

In 2005, Andrea commenced employment with a major national workplace health company, working across industries and specialising in construction and mining. During her 8.5 years of employment, Andrea fulfilled a number of roles including National Product Manager, and Business Development Manager for SA and QLD. Her roles also involved the development and delivery of employee health programs to a broad range of corporate and government clients.

"One other thing I wanted to tell you is that I followed the information you provided for eating at swimming meets. Previously Chelsea used to have the wrong kind of carbs. She now does well in her pet event, but more importantly her spirits are good. She isn't as deflated and flat at the end of the day like she used to be".

Michelle (mum)